August 1, 2018:

Initial Release for ANSI/ICEA S-118-746 Category 8, 100 Ohm, Indoor Cable 


The Insulated Cable Engineers Association, Inc. will soon be published ANSI/ICEA S-118-746 Standard for Category 8, 100 Ohm, Indoor Cables for Use in LAN Communication Wiring Systems.  This project was opened by the ICEA in May 2017 and completed ANSI balloting June 23, 2018.  


Working Group Chairperson: Steve Thwaites (General Cable)

Other members: J. Pavlicek (Superior Essex), R. Stanko (Superior Essex), G. Dorna (Belden), T. Hayes (Commscope)


Working Group Comments:


  1. This standard covers the physical and electrical testing of the new copper category 8 cables primarily developed for data centers and other high-speed applications. 

  2. Horizontal cables typically use solid conductors are normally installed in that portion of the telecommunications cabling system between the telecommunications closet and the work area telecommunications outlet.


Document Scope: 

This standards publication covers mechanical, electrical and flammability requirements for thermoplastic insulated and jacketed, copper conductor for use as horizontal cables or patch cords. Depending upon the application and system requirements, this Standard provides choices for materials and flammability ratings.


This standards publication covers the minimum performance requirements for four pair cables, with transmission characteristics specified up to 2000 MegaHertz for Category 8 cables.


These Category cables are intended for; voice, text, data, video, image transmission, and low voltage power supply (POE & POE+). The cables are categorized by electrical transmission characteristics based on existing system requirements and projected application needs determined by IEEE 802.3.


The cables included are intended to conform to the cabling system architecture and design, as specified in ANSI/TIA-568-C.2-1.  Applicable definitions, test methods, and performance requirements are included. The material, mechanical, and physical characteristics for these cables are covered under UL 444/CSA 22.2 No. 214.




ANSI/ICEA S-118-746 Standard for Category 8