W. Irving Middleton Award   -    Past Recipients  The W.
Irving Middleton Award was established by the Executive
Committee on September 19, 1978 to recognize outstanding
contribution to the Association. The award was initiated to
honor our retiring Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. W. Irving
Middleton (also a Past President) for his exemplary service to
ICEA as well as giving recognition to the contribution made
by his father who was part of the nucleus responsible for the
existence of the Association. It is intended to encourage a
similar level of professional service among the membership
of the association.

President’s Award of Merit   -  
 Past Recipients  The
President’s Award of Merit was established to encourage
active participation in Association matters and to recognize
outstanding contribution on a timely basis.

Executive Committee Award   -  
 Past Recipients

The Executive Committee Award was established to honor an
active member who, during the past decade or more, has
provided Leadership and/or Outstanding Service to ICEA.